Untraceable Money

Anonymous crypto. Pandora Cash is the fungible and confidential electronic cash. The simplest and quickest privacy coin to use. Anybody can send money anonymously. Pandora Cash is ideal to receive money anonymously.

  • unlinkable transactions
  • confidential amounts
  • multi assets

Unlinkable & Confidential Transactions

Everything you do on the blockchain is private. All transactions are unlinkable and confidential. Privacy is enabled by default. It's never been simpler to launch the anonymous money transfer app and spend anonymous money whenever you want.

Pandora Cash wallet

Private Multi Asset Wallet

Use the web wallet to privately transfer and receive assets in seconds! Start now to anonymously receive stable coins! wallet.pandoracash.com

Instant sync

The wallet syncs in a matter of seconds. Only you have the key to decrypt your anonymous transactions!

Crypto should be anonymous, simple and fast!

The most easy to use, fast, private ecosystem

16x more anonymous than monero

Pandora Cash uses ring signatures up to 256 ring members, while monero has 16 ring members. This makes Pandora Cash completely untraceable.

sync in seconds

Sync in seconds

You can use your private wallet on smart phones, personal computers and laptops. Thanks to Pandora Pay technology, the wallet syncs in seconds and you keep all your anonymity with you. It is the first prunable blockchain with private transactions. The more transactions are in the network, the more space we can get rid of.

Private multi assets

It allows private multi assets. An an entire ecosystem will be built around Pandora Cash that focuses on privacy.

Grab some Pandora Cash!

Use the exchanges to anonymously buy crypto. You can send money anonymously to business contacts!

Be private now!

Get Pandora Cash to regain your financial privacy! Take control of your life by joining the world's only true free market economy now! A world of opportunities awaits.

How to integrate?

Checkout the Github documentation to see how to integrate Pandora Cash in your own platform. Your app can now send and receive private assets.

Github documentation.